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4x4 through the rocky mountains

The Rocky Mountain Experience:

This experience is a trip through the heart of South West America and American history.

We cross the old wild west frontier, the Continental Divide and we dive directly into the American culture, the outback and nature.

The Rocky Mountain Experience is a 7 day adventure with pick up in Denver Sunday and drop off the following Friday in Moab for a weekend full of adventures.

During the trip you will experience:

– Stunning nature in National forests
– Driving on 4×4 trails in mountain terrain
– A mine tour
– Ghost Towns
– The tranquility of camping in the wild out back 
– The changing scenery of nature and wild life in the west.
– Last but not least a rafting trip that will take you to Moab.

With us you will experience the road less traveled and see places that are out of reach for regular travelers.

On top of that we have planned this route with the intention of giving you the most possible amount of time exploring and enjoying nature.

See the day by day description for details.

Trip Description

– ​We leave the hustle and bustle of Denver behind and embark our adventure west.

– First stop, a mine tour that takes you about a 1000ft below the earths surface.

– On this first night we camp out in a National Forest and we make sure you get a steady and easy transition into the Colorado outback.

Today lunch and dinner will be served, also included in the price is the mine tour fee. Light snacks, water, soda drinks and juice are complementary through out the trip.

​​- We cross the first mountain passes and a section of the continental divide.

– First day of dirt road driving and light to medium 4×4 trails.

– We begin to see historic sites and towns.

– We spend our first night doing dispersed camping in higher altitude.

Today breakfast lunch and dinner is included.

– We will continue our track along the old narrow gauge railroad trails.

– Old historic towns and ghost towns begins to increase as we get deeper in to the Rockies.

– The distances to urban areas are also increasing and we find our self’s deeper and deeper into the back country of Colorado.

Today we stop at a beautiful little cafe in a tiny little mountain town where we have booked a table for the group.  All meals including this will be included inn the price. 

– Today is a short but stunning drive as we cross over one of our favorite mountain pass and end up in one of the most beautiful mountain towns.

– We also stop at a famous ghost town and explore the area.

– We check into a charming little Hotel.

Today breakfast and lunch/snack break is included. After the check in at the hotel, travelers is encouraged to explore the town and find a local restaurant of their choice.

– We start out with breakfast in the hotel and here we will tell a little about today’s route.

– As we set curs for Moab scenery and climate will change.

– We aim to reach a camp site outside of Moab where we will camp along the mighty Colorado river.

Today breakfast will be included and be served at the hotel, lunch and dinner will be served by us.

– Today is even more fun as we have arranged a river boat ride.

​- We pick you up outside of Moab and drive you to the Hotel and thank you for you company on this amazing trip.

Today breakfast will be included and be a solid meal, so you will be ready for the boat trip. We will also supply some light snacks for the boat ride and a light sandwich at the pick up destination.

Today is totally open for you to explore the Town of Moab, opportunities here are endless. Visit one or more of the National Parks, book an adventure with one of the many operators or go on a MTB ride from the top of the La Sals all the way into Moab.

Note that this trip terminates in Moab.

To continuing your adventure from Moab check out flights from Canyonlands airport (just outside of Moab) or Enterprise car rentals in Moab.

Airport shuttle link

Flights from Moab to Denver with United

​Car rental in Moab is limited and Enterprise are currently the only local office.

What you are paying for.
included in the price are:

– Hotels and lodging
– Food and drink (Restaurant visits not included)
– Transportation from Denver to Moab
– Off-roading on 4×4 trails
– Permits and various fees
– An amazing trip and the experience of a life time​

Who is fit to do a trip like this? Requirements:

– Normal physique
– No major medical issues
– 8-75 years of age (depending on health)
– A healthy attitude towards life, the outdoors and spending time with strangers.

We do not have a lot of requirements but a major one would be packing light!! Due to the places we travel, we are restricted to smaller vehicles and that leaves us with less space.
So please respect our policy about only bringing a minimum of luggage.

– Please do not use a suitcase, use a back pack. Suitcases are unhandy and take up space.
– Bring warm clothes, even in the summer time. Temperatures can drop below freezing in the desert as well as in 14000ft during both night and day depending on the season.
– Hiking Boots/shoes. Comfortable hiking shoes are essential for a pleasant trip.
– Camelbak/water bottle
It is ESSENTIAL to stay hydrated. We will supply water during the entire trip.​​ ​

the experience with Dead Horse

Read all about the details & basics

The Basics

Who we are, what do we do, how do we do it and what we use. Check out the tabs below to learn more.

Our Mission is to be the best off-road trip and overland outfitter on the market. To give our travelers a once in a life time experience, to create memories and expand horizons. 

This trip is designed to give you just that experience, we take people off the tour buses, off the highways and into the countryside of rugged America. 

This trip will make it possible for you as a traveler to:

– Travel the south west off the beaten path.
– Travel long distances off paved roads.
– Cross over mountain passes on 4×4 trails and old railroad trails.
– See ghost towns and historic old cities.
– Experience America as only the locals can.
– Camp and cook out in nature
– Sleep underneath a clear Milky-way with no light pollution.

The U.S. offers adventures of all kinds to suit every taste…. We want you to experience the lesser traveled road. Immerse yourself in the wild and let your worries be carried off by the raging Colorado river. 

We are all about getting off road and into the wild, that is why we do not drive in a regular car, a tour bus or rental cars, but instead we have chosen to use customized vehicles.

This is one of them, a Chevrolet Suburban. This vehicle allows us the freedom to choose the road less traveled and take us on that american road trip through the wild.

Our suburbans are fully stocked with camping equipment and everything in overland gear, all to make your experience more comfortable and unique.

For the mechanical savvy and motor interested here are some of the specs on our Chevrolet Suburbans.

– They are both a 2500k model (4×4)
– ​Engine: 454 (7.4L) V8 Vortex
– Torque: 556NM
– Horsepower: 290
– Weight: 2529kg (stock and with no load), fully maximum capacity load 3900kg.

We have put on a few aftermarket things to make the ride better:

– Off-road tires
– Cattle guard bumper with a winch
– Roof rack
– LEDs
– Suspension
– A custom drawer system with camping kitchen.

​On a side note are all of our major mechanical repairs, modification and safety checks done at a certified and trusted NAPA mechanic. This is done to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers.

Dead Horse’ guides and owners are us, Eddi and Hannah Anderson.

Hannah is from Australia and Eddi is from Denmark and we are both fluent in Danish and English. Between us we have traveled five out of the seven continents, lived in 3 different countries, seen 23 of U.S. states and traveled in places off the beaten path all over the globe.

Further more we have each been through an extensive fist aid training, Hannah as a certified surf lifesaver and Eddi in the Danish military. On top of that, we always keep our red cross first aid and CPR certificate up to date.

Travelling with us you are always in safe hands.

travelling with us

Our way of exploring the backcountry is not a new concept, but it is a new way of offering travelers a way to see the outback up close and feel the contrasts of the south west USA. Down below we have pointed out some of the specifics where we stand out from the mainstream.

“Off the grid” is defined by: not requiring utilities such as electricity, water, etc. or Unrecorded, untraceable through normal means.

As we enter some of Colorado and Utahs’ most beautiful and isolated areas, we also go more off the grid than you would on a normal road trip.

This means we will be away from cities and towns, there is quite possibly little or no cell phone service and we cannot guarantee  showers or toilets at the camp sites. 

Hiking. It’s important that you have the right gear and you have tried it out before you take it into the wild. 

Make sure that your boots are broken in and fit you perfectly, that your back pack is setup so it fits you and it won’t make your back sore and that you have clothes that will keep you warm and dry.

Leave no trace. The areas we are traveling through and camping in, are some of the most stunning, awesome and beautiful places on this planet. We therefore have a responsibility to future generations to take care of these places the best we can and thats why we operate with a strict “leave no trace” policy. 

As we dig into the American heart and soul, we will camp out in the wild or in designated campsites and have cookouts.
From the designated state park campsites to the dispersed camping of the wilderness, each site comes with its unique challenges and beauty.

A big part of doing a road trip and camping is cooking good food over a open fire and there’s nothing better than sitting around in a deserted place out in nature, enjoying the sun set with a hot dog fresh from the grill and a cold beer. The simple joys of life!


Whenever overlanding traveling, off-roading, hikeing or just are in the wild in general. The weather plays an important role and only a fool does not respect the elements, plan and pack accordingly.

It is most likely that even though doing a fully planned trip during high summer, the weather will still make a difference in how smooth the scheduled route goes. 

A road can be washed out, a rock slide can close a mountain pass or snow can fall early on the mountain peaks. Therefore everything is subject to change, but that is also a part of the fun.

Weather you are an experienced photographer or just want epic holiday pictures. The American nature, night sky, sunsets and sunrises are a particularly amazing setting to shoot.

The key is packing light!! On our trips we have limited space in our vehicles and if you cannot comfortably hike with your backpack, you have packed too much…… 

We recommend you pack the following:

Bring a back pack, NOT a suitcase.
Suitcases are unhandy and take up unnecessary space.

Bring warm clothes.
It can get very cold in both mountain and desert regions.

Bring hiking boots/shoes.
Comfortable footwear are a key essential to make a trip enjoyable. 

Bring a Camelbak/water bottle
It is ESSENTIAL to stay hydrated and we supply all the fresh water you can drink.

Bring a travel pillow.
Getting a good night sleep can make a huge difference in your overall camping experience.

Bring a sleeping bag.
Like the pillow, we recommend that you bring a sleeping bag that you are comfortable with, if you can’t bring one, make sure to let us know and we can supply one for you.

If you can’t carry it, you have packed too much.

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