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The historie behind Dead Horse

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Our mission & Vision

Our Mission is to be the best off-road trip and overland outfitter on the market. To give our travelers a once in a life time experience, to create memories and expand horizons. In short we deliver and set the scene that will take you to the edge of yourself.

Our Vision is to rediscover the American back country and give more than just the expected experience. Our main objective is to bring the adventure to you and make nature come alive.

Dead horse is the unique road trip outfitter that will take you off the road, off the grid and into the wild.

We will build the bridge between the mile high delights of Denver city and the monotonous beauty of the desert highways crossing the old wild Colorado frontier back country style.

What we do

We want you to have the American experience of a lifetime, therefor we are going to focus on the back roads , the inaccessible ghost towns and the sights you can’t plan to see from a tour bus or with a rental car.

The trip we have planned is centered around the idea of getting off the main roads that can become limiting, away from the crowded campsites and big national parks. It is all about connecting with nature, culture and the wild roughness of the American back country.

The back country is our playground. We are fully aware of our impact on this hidden treasure, therefor we take all precautions to be environmental friendly, we use solar panels and batteries instead of generators and use army surplus gear where we can. 

We also operate under the “leave no trace” principals and we buy as much as we can locally and organic.

We hope to show people how amazing, beautiful and fragile nature is, and with that inspire how important it is to preserve it for future generations.

Who are dead Horse

​Dead Horse is a concept, developed and created by us, Eddi and Hannah. Combined we have seen a really big chunk of this wild world, but have always had a lust and love of the wild west and now we hope to share this old historic treasure with other curious explores.

We both live in Denmark, but Hannah is originally from Australia. With our combined love for the great outdoors, Hannah growing up in the aussie outback and Eddis’ experience and love for off-roading, it was only natural for us to hit the road together.

Hannah has from a very early age been on the road, first with her family driving through Europe and north Africa in an old truck and later as a backpacker around Asia. Eddi has traveled in little over half of the US. states and has a vast knowledge when it comes to west coast. Utah and Colorado hold a special place in his heart.

The name Dead Horse, is not a name one would associate with travel or road trips. It is a self is adopted name from various things, aspects and experiences that surround our trips, the trips we have done and offer.
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