15. April 2019

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2018 is over and with that we came a little closer to finishing the startup phase of Dead Horse Adventures. 2018 was a year of finishing loose ends, we got all the major permits in order, we got a second expedition vehicle, bought all the equipment that we needed and finished up one hell of a route for our customers to enjoy.

The “new” route stretches from Denver, Colorado to Moab, Utah and travels through the very heart of the old western frontier.
We are thrilled about the major road improvements on several of the mountain passes we cross over. Some people might think why is improving a mountain road such a good thing? we should be 4 wheeling right? Well to answer that… customer safety!

Some of the roads that we had planned were on the very limit of what we considered to be A: safe and B: fun for you, our customer, to enjoy. One thing is 4 wheeling and having fun, another is a 4 hour bumpy ride doing 5mp/h going nowhere.

Another subject that we had under the magnifining glass was campsite ambiance and camp dining. Cooking exciting food and creating an amazing campsite experience for 10 people 6 days in a row seemed like a tough job to pull off, but with the Colorado backcountry as a background scene and Hannahs wonderful camp details and amazing cooking,  we managed to pull that task off sucessfully and create a very special experience.

Next on the roster for the trip will be a tour of one of the local mines, this we believe will be a fun an interesting experience since we travel through some of the first mine sites in the west. The one in the picture stretches over a mile directly down into the ground. During the tour you will get plenty of information on how mining have evolved over the years and why it has been so important to the state of Colorado.


2018 was the year a new family member arrived … Jolene… We bought Jolene from an amazing family in Las Vegas, she was given the name by his wife since he was working in Arizona for about a week at a time and therefor Jolene was always taking her man away from her. Obviously we loved that story and got to thinking that we hadn’t even given old faithful a name.. So we had a christening and old faithful became: Molly Grey the unstoppable after Molly brown the unsinkable.

Jolene like Molly is a Chevrolet Suburban 454 7.4L beast that will get the job done, these two girls are powerful and will take you where you need to go.


The final decent of the Rocky Mountains takes us down to the Colorado river, jumping into some tough rafts with a group of talented and experienced guides , we let the force of natures wild girl lead you the last miles into our final destination the adventure capital of the USA Moab Utah!
From here your options are limitless….we’ll make sure you have a warm bed and massives of information , best burgers, cheapest beers, car rental…. you name it ……

The Rocky Mountain Experience can be the start middle or end of you American adventure …….
its all up to you!

As we bid farewell we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do… So drop us a line, pack your bag and get on board, Adventure is just a click away!

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